Have wireless sync working nice on Treo. I also have an IPAQ HX4700. Screen on iPAQ is to die for. So I travel with both. When in range of wifi, would rather check my WS email on the IPAQ.

Since WS simply uses the PC resident program to "forward" PIM and email to their (VZW) server, I was hoping to setup a connection from my IPAQ to the WS server to download emails too. Thus, I need the WS (https://wirelesssync.vzw.com) server info to setup my IPAQ email. Tried many combos with no luck. I tried going to the website via my IPAQ, and the FWD, SEND, etc need Javascript, and does not work well (even with Netfront and Java installed).

Thus I am hoping someone here has the WS server info so I can get my outlook pushed to WS (as it does now), check on Treo when no wifi (as can do now), but when in wifi range, would like to check via IPAQ (as hoping to do).

Thanks to the experts.