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    Looks like there may be a new verizon data plan on the horizon; details here
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    I'm going to be pissed off if they only offer this on EV-DO, which the vast majority of Verizon users don't have access to.

    I would think that Verizon would either cheapen or make free the 1x data services and move EV-DO to their existing high plan prices.
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    Ok, I'm a newb and don't know much about phone services....but that something that's only offered in parts of the US or is that something that's only available with the right hardware? If it's the latter, does the 600 or the 650 support EV-DO?

    Other than that....$15/month unlimited data rocks! This makes owning a treo even more desirable!
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    EV-DO is the next generation of CDMA (Sprint/Verizon) data services. It will be about 3-4 times faster than what Sprint offers now. Verizon has deployed it in select cities more so than Sprint. The 600 and the 650 does not support EVDO. The Audiovox 6600 & 6601 from Verizon and Sprint support EVDO.
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    Ahh, so if this is only EV-DO capable....treo users are S.O.L. K, gotchya! Thanks for the info

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