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    I have a Trei 600 with Sprint. Since i have had it, about a year now, I can SMS to Sprint from Sprint with no issue, I have also found Sprint and Singular so like each other as well.

    ATT on the other hand and some other services, either they work, or most of the time, the SMS never shows up, or can be delayed from hours to days. Sprint support told me to eat a big one :-)

    Is this normal? Its very frustrating to see all my friends SMS each other no matter what service they have, since none of them are on Sprint, and I sit there and have horrible times with it.
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    I am Cingular and have a phone Sprint and t-mobile. Messaging on Cingular is by far the best. Verizon, although have the best phone coverage, SMS is the worst. Sprint is close second for the worst. MMS sucks with anyone crossing carriers. For SMS all GSM carriers the best. Sprint get most improved award although still very non-reliable. IN MY AREA. I have, at the most a 30 second wait 99% of the time for SMS, including upsnap and google, every time.

    Agree with ur support description, Sprint always views messaging as a "gimick" and as a non-important feature, where as Cingular originally had that philosophy but later listened to me and it's customers.
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    I only have experience withT-Mobile and Sprint. I found T-Mobile's SMS to be very fast and reliable. Sprint's is pretty good considering it's so new to them. Most of the time with Sprint, I get SMS's fairly quickly. Every now and then, however, there's an odd delay.

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