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    I'm on Verizon Wireless. Just got my bill for the first month of having a Treo 600. It is about $1,000. When I called customer support, it turned out I was connected to the web for a number of extremely long times. I wasn't actually using it for more than 10 minutes at any time, but there are connection times of 6 hours. I must have stayed connected though I thought I had disconnected. (Does this happen to people? How do I make sure it doesn't happen again?)

    The customer support person said that since I wasn't offered the unlimited web usage plan, they should knock off the charges and sent the bill to rework. Said I should hear back in 24-48 hours. But I didn't hear back, and when I called customer service again, they said that rework had rejected the claim and just not contacted me. They would ask them to contact me. They still haven't.
    During the first support call, I took the unlimited plan.
    Any ideas on my best chance for getting the charges knocked off?

    Thanks a lot
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    I moved it here to see if more people can help. I think there was a case like this earlier. You might want to search around to see if you can find it.
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    if the csr doesnt give u an acceptable answer, ask to speak w their supervisor. if their supervisor doesn't help, keep pushing it up the ladder. eventually someone will say yes.
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    Verizon support and sales people are still a bit confused by their own data plans.
    Since this is your first bill using the treo and it didn't soudn like they told you about the issues ahead of tiem you should ask to speak to a supervisor and have them knock it off your bill. They won't do this a 2nd time.

    I have the unlimited plan but some people continue without a data plan and just use minutes. Free during certain times of day and weekends. If you were to continue this way then you'd want to download one the apps that auto-disconnects since a number of the applications (Blazer) don't disconnect when done. If you're using Wireless Sync mail(?) then the phone auto pings constantly so people rack up a lot of minutes.
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    During the first support call, I took the unlimited plan.
    Any ideas on my best chance for getting the charges knocked off?
    This is their phone and they sold it to you, there is no way that you are liable for those charges. I would ask for a manager. Even if your phone did stay connected it is not your fault. I can't beleive that they are even trying to get you to pay that. If you don't get resolution, tell them you are going to contact the FCC. That is total BS.
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    A Verizon salesperson in a store here in Northern Virginia told me I had to buy the unlimited internet plan if I bought the phone for this very reason....too many customers having these huge bills. It seems to me there should be some way to disable that feature. Anyone hear anything new about this?
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    Also let Verizon know you're filing a complaint with the FCC, and with any local consumer protection agencies and the BBB. The actually DO it.
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    i had a similar issue with sprint, i kept calling them until they reversed the charges.
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    I dont think they will get too scared by the FCC. I mean they practically run the place. Besides the FCC really isnt that interested in individual issues like billing. That is more of a consumer fraud kind of thing. Verizon lives off of fraud with their added billing under the heading of "taxes" which aren't taxes at all but just padding. Just push scream and shout. You should get it taken care of esp since its on your first bill.
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    Oh joy! I can't wait to go through this once Verizon takes over Sprint Nextel and screws up my $10/month Vision Professional plan!

    Apparently Verizon customer service is no better than Sprint's, which everyone seems to complain about and I've never had a problem with. They should've NEVER let you activate a Treo without offering you an unlimited data plan of some type, regardless of the price. Idiots.
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    Why not?

    I've been using my Verizon Treo without a data plan for nearly six months without so much as a hiccup.

    And it's saved me $300 thus far.
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    I win I had a $5000 bill.

    Same thing happened to me except I did ask for the data plan and they never put me on it. They insisted that they "would have someone call me about data" and other times that data was never mentioned when I got the phone.

    They know less about this than you do. Just browbeat them about not understanding and thinking data came free them until they kick it back.

    It took me 4 months to get the full refund and dozens of phone calls. They werent even nice about it even though it was their fault.
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    They could care less about a state public utility commision complaint. I used this a number of times and they were ambivalent at best.

    When you know nothing and you could care less, complaints are the cost of doing business
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    Actually I filed a complaint when I had issues with AT&T (no longer with them) and the contacted me and did correct the problem. I recieved a follow up as well. I think this was at the California complaint site. They would have never done this if I hadn't filed a complaint.

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