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    Like all others looking to purchase the 650, I must wait patiently to purchase my first Treo. However, I don't believe that I can preorder my 650 like many others because my wife and I will be signing up for Sprint's family plan which requires an in-store purchase. I have been following your site fairly frequently during the last month or two and I almost feel as though I know more about the 650 than the Sprint store sales assistants. After several delivery dates have come and gone, the latest opinion from one assistant was that the 650s would arrive the day after Thanksgiving. Has anyone heard anything concerning the 650's availability in Sprint Stores?
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    I am waiting for it to be available on the retail side also. As of this evening it is now on the Business site. It appears to be slowly flowing towards the consumer end.
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    I was in my local Fry's store tonight and they had about 10 Treo 650's in stock. The box is much smaller than the Treo 600 box...did they get rid of the paper manual? There is a Sprint rep in the Fry's store that can set up calling plans.

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    Don't know where you got the idea that you need to do an in store purchase for the family plan. I signed up for the free and clear for families and bought two treos and one other phone and I had them all the next day.
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    yeah sprint rep by me said, rather coldly, "i have no idea when"
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    After telephoning local Sprint Stores on nearly a daily basis, I gave up and went with my wife to our nearest Sprint Store on Friday afternoon to see if the 650 had been received as they had anticipated. It hadn't been of course due to "holiday shipping delays" although they did provide encouragement and say that the KEOSK at Logan Airport had received their supply and was currently selling them. I gave in and ended up signing up for the Sprint family plan using my wife's 18% Marriott Corp discount. My wife took home her new phone after browsing phones for less than five minutes. I, of course, still have to wait. I was told that they expect the 650s between today and Wednesday. I am number two on their reserve list and will call me when it arrives. For some reason, this time, I actually believe I will get that call on schedule.

    (It's like flipping a coin and having it land on tails six times in a row. The next one has to be heads; right?)
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    FYI for those in the So California area, I went the the Palm One Store in the Century City Mall yesterday and picked up a T650. They had a bunch in stock and I would assume the rest of the Palm One stores would have them as well.

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    It is official. The 650 has been received in the Burlington, MA Sprint store and is waiting for me to pick it up on the way home from work. Common decency is the only thing preventing me from walking up to the downtown Boston store, buying it now, charging it in my office and playing with it on the bus ride home versus waiting to pick up from the sales assistant that reserved it for me. (never mind the fact that I just called the Boston store and learned that their daily UPS delivery is not due in until later this afternoon)
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    I'm still waiting for it to make its way to Central NJ. Not in-stock and no idea when it will be.

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