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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Cat
    Ok, I've read this entire thread twice now and I'm still a little confused. Is there some sort of hack required on the 650 before activation with Verizon will work? Is that what the USB cable is all about? I really don't want or need a cable since my PowerBook has BlueTooth, which in my opinion is one of the 650's best features.

    Can someone give a simple step-by-step guide on how to activate a Sprint 650 on Verizon?

    And where have you guys who've done this already been buying your 650s? Are there any deals to be had anywhere or are we paying full retail to make this happen?


    Cool Cat
    I suggest that you read the 600 FAQ first. It is a summary of mines and others hard work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GalenMD
    Here is a Verizon logo splash screen. Just install using the palm install tool.
    Regarding your original VERIZON splashscreen logo for the T600...I installed it and it displays a "TREO" banner instead. Its actually kinda nice but my problem is that when I install this, the envelope icon on button #1 changes to a casette tape logo and I cant enter the Treo codes (##xxx, #*#xxx and so on) anymore? When I enter them and push "dial", the Treo dials like any other phone number. Just wondering if you have a fix for this or if you're using another VERIZON splashscreen.


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    So, is there a recommended way/place to buy a Treo 650 to bring over to Verizon? Has anyone figured out any way to get a discount off of the $599 retail price? I just used my N.E.T. credit to get a free phone which I plan to sell, then sell my 7135 and use all the proceeds to help buy a 650.


    Cool Cat
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    Thanks for this thread. I'm very interested in buying a Treo 650 as it has a) Bluetooth so I can use it in my Acura TL, and b) allows me to ditch my wonderful Tungsten C and Motorola V710--I'm now convinced of the need to carry only one device on my hip. The fact that mines has made a few of his converted wires may be almost enough to get me to switch. My question is the same as Cool Cat's.
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    Are there any Minnesotans here that have a cable and have done the conversion?
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    Using my calculations, there probably are not any.

    total 650 owners / Willing Verizon subscribers * those with proper cable/Minnisotians

    = 0
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    So you are saying not only could I be the first on my block, I could be the first in my state?

    I am just totally clueless about how to do the conversion on my own and am getting desperate.
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    So if I understand correctly both the web browser and SMS work fine with Verizon's network? I was under the impression that the with the Treo 600 it was not possible to get the Web and SMS working with Verizon. Is something different on the Treo 650 that makes this possible?
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    Web and SMS work fine on a verizonfied sprint 600
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    Thanks GalenMD! Just to confirm then....You can send & receive Verizon SMS messages as well as access the web via the "verizonfied " Treo 650?

    Thanks for the help all. It's very much appreciated.
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    Hi Guys,

    I will make 4 cables more. I ordered 4 Hot Sync Cables from E-Bay. Might be arrived at next week.

    And I made simple step-by-step instruction.

    It might has wrong information or misspellings.
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    Any chance you could expand your original tutorial on creating the cable? I am still a little lost on which wires need to connect to which between the Treo 650 connector and the data cable.
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    Mines, did you get the P.M. & email I sent you today?
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    So am I right that there doesn't seem to be ANY negative side effects from converting the 650 from Sprint to Verizon? Any at all? Is signal reception, etc. normal too?
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    I think there was one negative and that is that the MMS application is native to Sprint and not Verizon, so you will not be able to use MMS to send any pictures. But you could always use e-mail to send the pictures (heck, it's cheaper).

    BTW, I also remember you from the old 7135 club at Glad to see you're back among the crowd. I gave up my 7135 a year ago for the 600 on Verizon. Like you, I've thought about converting a 650 from Sprint to Verizon, but I decided to hold off. But I have to admit I am VERY tempted!!!!

    Good luck!
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    Hi SteveNYC, I remember you too.
    I absolutely love your "Yeeaaahhh, I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and come in to work this Saturday... and I'm gonna have to ask you to go ahead and come in and work this Sunday too" avatar.

    Regarding the MMS, I can handle that if it is the only drawback. You're right that emailing pics would probably be better anyway. And as long as normal SMS would still work (which folks have confirmed here in this discussion), that's cool.

    Now I just need to find someone to help me do the actual conversion (cable and all).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mines
    Hi Guys,
    I will make 4 cables more. I ordered 4 Hot Sync Cables from E-Bay. Might be arrived at next week.
    Mines, if I can't get any help in the meantime, I would like to buy a converted cable from you (if any are still not spoken for).
    Let me know about this and the message I sent you.

    Thanks so much,
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    Help!!! I'm in the middle of verizonizing, using mines' instructions. I'm in BitPim and clicked on the filesystem page and clicked on "/". It says retreiving, then says: "COM4:could not open port: (5, 'create file', access is denied.') I tried a few times but it won't open COM4. The unit is plugged in with the serial cable, I've followed every step very carefully up to this point and have no idea what could be wrong. Can someone help?????? thanks!
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    I exited hotsync which looks like it helped, but now there's a different error message: "Other cdma phone on COM4:The phone is not responding while transitioning mode from none to brew."

    It also looks like the computer doesn't see the treo plugged in. Under my computer, it doesn't show any portable device, just the regular cd and cdrw drives. Any suggestions??
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