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    I've spent days searching hi and low and can't find the Kyocera Wiresless PST Chameleon version. I used to have it, but cleaned out my comp a long time ago. Can anyone send it to me Pleeeeeeeez!
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    I have a Treo 650/Verizon with the latest software on it. It's 2 weeks old (after I got a free upgrade from my Kyo7135). I am switching carriers to Sprint. I was looking to unlock/convert to sprint, but I figured it's be easier to trade, if I could find a local person.

    I am willing to trade with anyone in the Boston/NH/RI/CT areas.

    Please privatemessage me with contact info.
    I have a Sprint 650 and a Sprint 755p that I would like to use with Verizon Wireless. Anyone have either cell, or both, already with Verizon Wireless in the Maryland, DC or Virginia area that would like to trade? Must have a clean ESN.
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