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    There is information in this thread saying that you CAN use the cable with the hotsync button in it, but you have to desoldier all connections inside the connector and VERY CAREFULLY pull the pins out of the other positions and place them in the 10 & 11 position, then soldier the wire back onto them. It is wise to leave the PC board in when soldier them back on, but you will need to take the board out temporarily to move the pins.
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    I am stuck in a 1 yr contract with Verizon and I have been testing a Sprint 650 for about a week now. I'd rather stay with verizon and am tempted to do this conversion, but $44.99/mo vs $15/mo for data is a big difference.
    Are all you "converts" getting fully reimbursed from work for u/l data, or are you using MOU (which I still have on my VX6000 but it's risky).
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    I have been reading and following along, but I am a little concerned about doing this all myself. Is there anyone that wants to do all this conversion from Sprint to Verizon, and sell me that 650? I am stuck with Verzion but want the 650 . . . email me if you are interested in selling!

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    Verizon custom rom...

    I'm still working on...

    I'm very busy so, I cannot guarantee when I finish

    I just extracted Sprint Rom Update and found there are two updates. One is for OS update and the other is CDMA Update. CDMA update contains PRL update also. I don't know CDMA update contains internal CDMA chip firmware update or not.
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    Thanks Mines! Do you have any ETA on when you would have it done? 1 day, 1 week...1 month ( )

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    Ok Guys, my recommendation before performing this update is to do a hard reset on your device first. This means all your data and information will be completely erased and the unit will be reset to factory settings. So backup your data. At this point, install the new firmware. Yes, the phone will reset back to oringal SPRINT Settings, but the MSL code does NOT change. This means the phone is still unlocked. SO the only thing that needs to be done is to restore the original Verizon PRL file. After that dial *228, then option 2 to get lastest programming settings from Verizon.

    Why do a hard reset?
    Because when I updated the firmware without hard reset my unit keep resettings repeatedly. To restore the oringal Verizon PRL file simply use the Kyocera Software to access the ROM file structure. You can follow Mines original instructions as per changing the PRL file. Those of you that still have the custom cable obviosuly i recommend keeping it just in case another update comes out in the future.
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    I converted my Treo 650 to Verizon and phone works fine, sms works but I cannot seem to send messages w/picture or video. When I try to send a pic/video it signs on and then it just displays sending picture screen saying it is connecting. but never seems to send it.

    Anyone else have this problem? Are there settings that I may not have changed over from Sprint to Verizon network?

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    On Verizon Treo 600 there is an MMS application to send pictures.
    Unfortuantely their service usually seems to be down.
    Not sure what you have on your converted phone but currently the different services use different methods of handling picture transmissions.
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    Wow. I just did the update and boy did I have problems.

    I recommend that any of us Verizon users check to make sure that the PST still recognizes your phone before you attempt any updates. Mine would not recognize it worth a darn. My PC would not recognize the cable, then it would. I repaired my serial cable and launched BitPim without difficulties... at first. I was never able to get the PST to see my phone. I tried numerous options including a dozen restarts, cable reconfigurations, re-installs, etc. Nothing worked.

    I gave up and tried mines suggestion of finding a location were the Vz signal was stronger than Sprints. It wasn't that hard to do. I took my wife's cell phone (vz) and walked around the house until my treo showed a weak signal and her signal was strong. I then wrapped the antenna in aluminum foil and tried to get a weak signal. I only got Vz once when dialing 611 and lost it by the time I dialed *228. I decided to skip 611 and just kept dialing *228 in various antenna configurations until I finally got Vz. I then removed the foil and allowed my treo to update the PRL.

    I am now up and running with the new firmware, with about 6 extra MB!!
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    I am also nervous about running the rom update...I am scared that I won't find a verizon signal stronger than sprint..what oh what do I do...mines how soon can you get out the verizon version.that would be awsome bro

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    Hey Scotttreo do you have the Verizon 600? Could you send me MMS application so I can loads it on my Treo 650 and see if that will work for sending pictures & videos?
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    Eh F*** it...tryin the update now...then do the tinfoil thingy

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    For anyone who failed to backup their device before Verizonizing and needs to reset the Sprint PRL -- Loading the 1.08 update at:

    will restore the PRL as well as update the firmeware. Then you can start from scratch. And don't forget to save a backup of your data.
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    I f*** up the update and now I have it back to sprint and the foil thingy doest there any other way I can change the home side....via hidden menues...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goober408
    I f*** up the update and now I have it back to sprint and the foil thingy doest there any other way I can change the home side....via hidden menues...
    What do you mean? Did the update work, but you're just stuck with Sprint? If that's the case, walk around your house until you get the weakest signal you can find (go into the basement, a closet, etc). If you get No Service, that's too weak.

    How did you get Vz service in the first place?
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    YAY...I finally locked..well placed myself in a closet and this time I made a nice antenna condom...heh,hehe I said condom and bamm fired up the treo..and I had a R come on the screen..did *228 and then I heard the sexxy voice...welcome to verizon wireless..ah...damm I made it though a whole day without my treo...well I had it going but it was roaming all day on sprint and worked fine...except no web and no VM notification..had to check it manually....but now its all working and updated to 1.08....YAY it worked
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDub
    I went and bought the futuredial cable and a Palm one treo travel cable. I hope the travel cable will work for this.

    I just opened the palm cable and it has a PC board in it with a membrane button in it. Anybody use one of these or do I need to get a different cable?

    Well I guess I'll answer my own question since it doen't have the pins 10 & 11 installed to even do this I guess it will not work. Back to the drawing board.
    I used this type of cable, too.
    It's a bit fidgety. You need to pull out the pins and replace them in the slots where you need them. This involves dissasembling the whole connector (i.e. the board needs to be disengaged from the plastic connector.) Then unsolder the pins from the board. Replace the pins into the appropriate slots in the plastic connector (it is best to alternate the sides the solder "tab" is on to give you more room). Re-attach the board to the plastic connector (this holds the pins in the slots). Finally solder the wires from the Futuredial cable to the appropriate pins in the treo connector.

    Important: remember that the pin numbers are different for the smaller cable than the larger cable! It's the pins on the phone that are important!
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    I got the cable done and converted my phone finally. I am using mine on the Alltel network and it is working great.
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    I'm thinking of getting a converted Verizon 650 instead of waiting until VZW finally releases, but I have some questions.

    1. If I get a converted Sprint 650, am I more likely to have a more useful bluetooth feature than VZW is likely to provide?

    2. Can I use the bluetooth on the 650 to provide internet access to a (bluetooth capable) laptop? (can I use the 650 as a modem). This question presumes I will have a data plan

    3. Does anyone use the 650 to access a MS Exchange 2003 server via SSL? Does it work?

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    I am accessing MS Exchange 2003 with Phython through a 3rd party provider (ENomia) and it's working great. The only big problem I've had is that it doesn't manage all day appointment or appointments that span a day. I just did the spring updateer becasue I was having problems with the phone connecting to a network. I'm still trying to clean that process up - so far that's the only problem

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