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    Anyone have any luck SENDING using GMAIL SMTP thru VersaMail? I have all the settings setup like the GMAIL site states... I can receive mail, but when I send I get an error stating that the SMTP server is not responding. Any thoughts? Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I tested these settings out thru my MS Outlook on my PC either, so maybe it's a global issue not related to VersaMail or the Treo 650
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    Here's the thread with the solution
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    Does anyone else notice that GMail's POP service thru VersaMail is very inconsistent? I have multiple accounts setup in VersaMail and I can send and receive on all of them perfectly - except for GMail. I get a "Login Failed" Error many times and without changing any settings it'll just work eventually. Very strange... I have it set up properly because when it does work I am able to send and receive ... I also have had success setting it up in OutLook.

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