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    Has anybody had problems this past week sending sms messages on the Sprint network? Seems like 3 days this past week I have received "The network is not responding now" message.
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    3 days, more like 3 years, moving last remaining phone to Cingular. Reliable messaging and data.
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    Sprint has some issues, but overall reliable
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    Not sure what area or state your SMS is failing at but Miami Florida here and cannot tell you I have ever had a single SMS issue. ALL messages send..
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    In Tulsa this week it has been an ongoing problem. May have to call Sprint and see what has been going on throughout this week. Had a hard time giving me coworker heck for the Mich & Ohio game. . ...just can't have messages not being delivered during such an important game for him.
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    I'm in Delaware and have had no problem.

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