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    Got an email on my Treo and it was from SprintPCS. It was from my PCS Mail account. I had it set for autoalert, where ANY email on that account would send me a SMS saying I have new mail. I didn't get it, just the email when Snappermail did an auto fetch.

    MY WHOLE PCS EMAIL ACCOUNT HAS BEEN RESET. I lost all that email too.
    I checked my wifes account, same thing...
    Anyone else have their account rest? They calll it webmail now too, according to the emauil.

    TIA, Matt
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    I had both my road runner and sprintpcs accounts reset and completely disappear - along with a draft email in bus connect - for no apparent reason.

    I am getting a replacement phone because of a power issue but didn't think it had anything to do with that.

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