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    I am having a very hard time finding a Verizon compatible Treo 600. I have seen several mentions on this forum about converting a Sprint phone to work on Verizon. Is this really possible? Can I buy a Sprint T 600 from ebay and convert it to work with my existing Verizon account? Any light shed on this is greatly appreciated.

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    verizon sells them...
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    To answer the other part of your question-- yes, you can convert a Sprint Treo 600 or 650 to work on Verizon.

    The current thread discussing the conversions is located at:

    Somewhere in there there's a link to the discussions regarding the Treo 600 specifically.

    Good luck!

    (BTW, I know it can be done because I personally use a Treo 600 on the Verizon Wireless network that says "Sprint" on the front... aka I've done it and it works.)

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