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    I received the following letter yesterday.

    It appears to be a double-edge sword.

    On one hand, it implies that Verizon is not planning on forcing EN-MOU users to purchase a data plan or their usage will be shut off.

    On the other, this should probably serve as fair warning in case a user gets an enormous bill for data usage that they weren't expecting.

    As it will not save me money (unless unlike the previous four months of ownership, something happens to keep the data connection open), as using minutes is more than enough for me.
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    Wow. $44.99 extra? That would make my Sprint PCS buill $154.99.

    If Sprint does this, hello Cingular/Tmobile. I have no contract or loyalty.
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    Yeah. If Verizon ever tries to force me to a data plan at the current prices, I'll look elsewhere for phone service.

    I'm willing to pay a small premium (and wait longer for releases of phones) for the coverage and customer service of Verizon.

    I am not, however, willing to pay $45 a month for the small amount of data that I use. I have more than enough minutes to burn for my needs.

    I would be willing to pay $15 a month extra like Sprint users. So until Verizon gets realistic and gets competitive with data plans, I'll stick with using minutes.

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