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    First, let me say that I did post this question to the 600 board, but it seems that everyone has moved over here. My question stayed for a week on the first page without any replies.

    Besides, it does apply to the 650 in a way.

    I recently had Sprint replace my 600 and I am supposed to ship the old one back.

    HERE'S THE QUESTION: Does anyone know how much they will charge me if I don't send back the old 600?

    It think it just needs a new battery. If they don't charge me much for keeping the old one, I would rather keep it, fix it, then eBay it and the new one to pay for the 650.

    I am not proposing ripping off Sprint (or Lock/Line) as I am willing to pay for the broken one if the price is right.
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    Mine got stuck at Office Max, idiots, never shipped, and P1 charge me $800. I will get it back of course.
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    From what I know, full price, or you just don't get one. If we (Best Buy) send in a customers handset according to new policies, the determine if it is covered under the plan. If so, the phone is replaced accordingly. IF you send in a unit, and it is NOT covered under the plan, they'll ship you the old unit right back. The other option is sometimes they charge you. With Sprint i'm guessing the same, or else a fee. You don't send the old one in, they won't even send you a new one, or if they do send you one, but you didn't send yours in, expect a bill. Cell phone carries and retailers will get you if you try to pull a fast one. And even if you aren't, they'll let you know... Sorry mack.

    I don't buy insurance on my phones, but I do buy the service plans. Why? First off I never plan on losing my phone, and never have. Never say never, but who in their right mind would misplace or lose a $500 phone? Not me, and I plan on keeping something like that GLUED to me.

    A serivce plan from Best Buy would cost you $79.99 for 3yrs. Covers normal wear and tear, dust heat, humidity, power surges, black outs & the battery. NOT a cracked screen, water damage, loss, etc. My experience with all electronics are that something goes wrong with them before you lose them. I don't plan on losing an XBOX or my TV.

    The main thing I HOPE happens is that I get comparable technology. Now you have to remember it doesn't exceed purchase price.

    So for instance lets say the Treo 650 totally messes up in 1.5yrs or what ever, and you send it in. The service center can't fix it, or its not worth it. What happens is you get comparable tech. So say at the time the Treo 700 is out, and there is no such thing as the 650 anymore in any stock. So guess what you get without dishing out any more $$? A NEW unit.

    My laptop cost me 2,000 last year. It went in once for the touch pad, and the BIOS. Nex I will send it in for the CD drive as it doesn't burn. 3rd will be the volume button as its stuck partially. One more send in, and the laptop is a LEMON. NO LEMON policy says after a 4th time I get a new unit. So a 2,000 laptop NOW is alot more packed then last year.

    The reason I mention all of this is to show you HOW to work the system in a Good way. Remember, NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. If you are button happy on the Treo, and a button gets loose, your covered. You right on the screen 24/7 and the sensors go out, your covered.

    USE THE HELL out of your devices if they are covered. You won't get screwed if part of your daily routine requires you to do that with the device.

    Hopefully some of this helps you out more so then the question you asked.
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    I drop my phones every time. I have broken so many screens it is ridiculous. The insurance is the only way to go for me. I think it is $3 a month and a $35 deductible. Well worth it since I have replaced my phone 4 times now.

    "Age is only a number society has inflicted upon us to number our days on Earth."
    ~Stephen Todd
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    Now, according to my last Best Buy experience, I had my T600 replaced under the plan. The rep told my PSP has now been fulfilled, and that it is now closed. That doesn't sound like the case in your situation, Quickstang. I have previously replaced it twice, but they said under the new system, one strike and you're out.
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    True, phones its a different story then laptops. Phone policies have been changed 2x already. There is no NO LEMON policy on the phone, and the reason used to be it was swapped in store same day. Oh, my X bit the dust. Well sir, they don't make that anymore, but you will get this phone at comparable tech. Well, I paid more last year then this new phone is. I understand but you are getting better tech. Look, you get a color screen now and external caller ID.

    And now, they don't get swapped in store like they used too. They HAVE to be sent in.

    Reason be, and same with PDA's... Best Buy lost millions and I mean millions in these two because things we're being sent in that shouldn't be, swaped when shouldn't have been, stores we're all different, etc. This is why its so strict now.
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    So say at the time the Treo 700 is out, and there is no such thing as the 650 anymore in any stock. So guess what you get without dishing out any more $$? A NEW unit.
    Good luck! I had to help a woman on this board with Best Buy with that same policy. Her 270 went out and they gave her a Blackberry and told her is was comparable. She fought and initially lost, then I helped her with the lingo to get the 600 but it was not as easy as you make is sounds. Just a warning.
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    That sucks, and that isn't right either. Palm OS, and NO palm OS. Not comparable Tech. Not even close. I would have argued I only use the Palm OS. And I can't tell you about the Blackberry cause the 2 I have worked for in 2 states never carried that Blackberry.

    It is tough, you just have to know how to do it, like you must have.

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