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    You can now get your night and weekend minutes starting at 5pm! It costs $10 a month and you can get your first 2 months for $5 if it is a new activation. It isn't in all markets, so you'll have to call CS and find out if you can get it. I know for sure that it's in the Airgate markets cause that's where I am and I've switched to the 5pm option. I work at RadioShack and I've been telling all my customers who have or are getting Sprint about it. It's a limited offer so if you can get it where you live, get it.
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    And what are the Verizon Wirenuts doing?
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    $10 for an extra 10 hours a week? I guess if you make a LOT of calls between 5 and 7, and frequently go over your included minutes, maybe this is a deal. But even without free calls between 5 and 7 I never go over my minutes, so paying an extra $10 a month would be $10 down the drain.

    I'm not saying it won't be a good deal for some, but "free" minutes aren't always the bargain they seem. Everyone should analyze their own calling patterns and current plan before deciding to make a change.
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    you have to remember not EVERYONE has the 7pm nights for $5 plan, so for those that are still on the 9pm plan, for an extra 20 hours of talk a week, x 4 weeks a month, an extra 80 hours for only $10 extra a month? sounds like a plan to me. basically that means that during the long ride home I won't be getting charged out of my anytime minutes. this saves me those minutes and from having to upgrade to a higher plan for more minutes. to some ppl this will be great, as it is for myself.
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    Is it available in Los Angeles market? I called Sprint & the beyotch didn't know anything about it.
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    "I have to return some videotapes."
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    I called, it's not available in my area, Raleigh, NC
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    I checked with my Sprint Rep. It's only avalible in the Airgate Market which is in the southeast.

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