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    Hi all

    My Treo has been getting progressively ill and I'm afraid it is suffering from some terminal ailment. They symptoms are:

    1. While placing a call it drops the call and says "No Signal" even though the bars are full and I'm in a place were I've traditionally had EXCELLENT coverage.

    2. While sitting on my desk, car seat or in my pocket I hear it play the sound like its coming back from a soft reset, but unlike an actual reset, the wireless mode is on when it returns

    3. It freezes/locks up. Some times it unfreezes itself and other times I must do a soft reset.

    So far I have tried soft and hard resets, stripping down to default apps and clearing out the memory but there has been no sign of improvement.

    The problems have only increased in frequency over the past couple of weeks.

    If you have any ideas, solutions, suggestions or have experienced this too, please advise ASAP. I am losing a friend...


    BTW: I do have the latest firmware
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    I get #2 every once in a while. Do you know the command to check what caused the last crash? I think there is a chance that something is crashing your treo and you're only realizing it when it restarts.
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    Is it still under warranty? If so, take it back and exchange it. If not, sign up for your carrier's insurance plan (assuming they have one) while the phone still works. Then wait the required amount of time (30 days with Sprint) and file a claim.

    Just be sure NOT to tell anyone you're having problems with it before than exclusion period is up.
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    I'd advise against going the insurance route (if you don't already have it). Not only is it illegal, but it's also wrong.
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    This is a known problem. I've been fighting it for a month now. The last CSR I talked to finally found a note in their help desk system. Have them search on PalmOne Treo. I'll paraphrase: Certain Treo 600s manufactured prior to February 2004 have had issues where the phone will enter into a Network Search mode. Happens to about 7% of the phones. If the phone is still under warranty, send a replacement phone.

    Not sure what to do if it's out of warranty, but you stand a good chance at an argument since it's a known problem.
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    I have this problem. I noticed the phone taking a long time to switch between applications over time. Yesterday, it would say "dailing" when I called a number then it would after a few seconds say "no service" and drop the call. It does this every time now. It still says its connected to sprint. It shows a signal strength. Even worse, when someone calls me, it rings and tells me who is calling, when I pick up the phone call it pauses a second and then says no signal. After a few seconds, the phone dial pad reappears and shows that it is connected to sprint and shows the signal strength.

    So... I soft reset repeatedly. Same problem. Hard reset did not fix it either. I called sprint. They quickly ran out of ideas and told me to take it to a sprint service center. The service center said that my phone crashes their diagnostic machine and they cannot figure out what is wrong. Its out of warranty now so they said there's nothing they can do. I'm hoping some of you folks have had this problem and found a way to fix it.

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    My T600 is out of warranty too. I never got the ERP because I never insure phones. If my treo breaks now, I would file a claim with AMEX since they double the warranty period on eligible purchases (two years should cover this phone). I hope you used a credit card to buy your treo. If you did, then call them to see if they offer that benefit. Good luck.
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    interesting last poster. we must be distant cousins.

    the phone no service/network searching/trying to make a call and it freezing/answering a call and it resetting/random soft reset problems:

    this is all covered under warranty. call your local sprint store, tell them you need a technician to test your treo 600 and that you have one of the above problems. i've had this problem for the last month after going 10 months without problems. if you notice, you'll most likely get those no service problems when battery is 35% or below. when it gets REALLY bad (in my case) it got to the point I couldn't make a call or use the internet without being plugged into the charger. if I disconnected from charger, call would either freeze and drop or drop my vision while I was browsing. unfortunately, I was only able to get a refurbished phone last night (but so far so good). make sure when you pick up your refurbished or new phone you ask for the receipt and how long the warranty is on the new phone. is it for a full year from the date your receive the new phone or is itt 1 year from manufactured date stored ojn the phone? (to find manufactured date, press ##786 from phone screen, press send, and it will tell your warrante date). however, do NOT phrase the question in which they answer with a lower warranty date. I made sure he gave me receipt of the phone I picked up and a stamped date and warranty info from yesterday, so I have until 11-15-2005 for this phone.
    cheers, good luck
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    Interesting insight. Today at work I hard reset. This did not solve the problem. So I reinstalled the 1.20 sprint update. This did not solve the problem. However I found that while my phone was in the charger, I could make calls reliably. As soon as I took it off the charger it would fail repeatedly. Put it back in the charger and problem solved as long as its in the charger. This is obviously a battery problem.

    I believe the treo uses a lithium battery but nonetheless Im going to let my phone complete run out of charge then charge it to full. In the meanwhile, Im on the phone to sprint right now while posting this to see if I can get them to send me a replacement when Im EIGHT days out of warranty.

    Learning? External batteries are MUCH better than internal ones.
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    unfortunately the letting-it-run-out-of-battery-then-recharging idea doesn't work. more importantly make sure you backup as you may lose all your data stored once it hits 0%
    this has happened to quite a few phones, a lot of people had the network searching error. I suspect that this happened to them just as it happened to me - when the battery was in the 30's or near 40. just 2 days ago my phone was at 55% and it kept dropping vision, then it wouldn't make a call. I have 4 bars. as soon as I plugged it in, the call would connect; I could send mail. this started happening months ago when it reached 19% or below... and it would take more than 8 hours to get to 100% charge. I didn't feel like returning it then but there are always resets-random and ones I expect. if I just receive a voice mail and I hit ok and then the voicemail icon, phone will reset. stupid things like this really p***ed me off, but I didn't want to take the phone back (i had the handspring and it seemed the screen was slightly nicer and unit had better feeling to it). this past week was the worse as I was hospitalized and this was the only phone. it's a shame they didn't replace it with a new unit. sprint should absolutely take the phone back, if not, look at the phone numbers faq at and call a higher level chain-of-command. if you have been having these problems for a while you can argue a case. demand more, otherwise threaten to leave because of the service. I am still surprised there was no recall on most of these phones. there are certain esn #'s that a replacement will be sent out to. search for treo esn or warranty in these forums, its around here somewhere
    good luck
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    Yes, this is a widely known problem. Do a search in the Treo 600 forum for "Network Search Issues" or something like that. Most people were able to get replacements (provided they were still under warranty of course). Even though it's wrong, if my warranty had expired, I would be tempted to do what meyerweb suggested because it's ridiculous for such an expensive phone to stop working after only a year. And it's not an isolated case; like I said, it's a widespread problem, and probably worthy of a recall as mentioned by sledgie.
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    KRamsauer, I agree with your reasoning about the insurance, however as you know the palm warranty is one year, but palm passses repair issues back to the carriers. Unfortunately some of us on the board have "verisoned" treos, so what other recourse does a verisoned treo owner have?
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    Last march i started getting the "Network Search" message. The sprint store gave me a refurb replacment (which to my dismay was not as in pristine condition as my original unit).

    Today with the Replacment, I got that dreaded error. Now I am unable to make or receive calls. I called and spoke with a sprint rep, and I was told that I'm screwed since I'm out of my original 1 year warranty. I'll try the sprint store, maybe I'll get lucky.

    Seems odd and very unfair that $600 phones can't last a year without breaking. I'm now hesitant to buy another treo.

    Am I screwed or has anyone has any luck speaking with Sprint about getting replacements outside of warranty?

    I should also add that my ESN is in the range of the problem treo's...does this help?

    "All ESNs between 09600716001 - 09600864216 that experience this issue will be covered under the standard warranty."

    They pretty much replaced my original treo with another defective one.
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    After letting my battering nearly discharge and recharging the problem seemed to be almost gone. Only three times in five days did I drop a call. I called Sprint tech support and ended up getting a tech, Dominck, that really seemed to know his stuff. Dominick asked me if I had a done a PRL update lately (no). He then asked when the last time I did a PRL update (I don't remember). He then had me stay on the line while he remotely reprovisioned my phone. Then he asked me to call into sprint (dial:*2) while my phone was on the cradle and get a PRL update. When the PRL update was complete, he had me reset my phone. We talked for a while and finally the PRL update showed as complete (this was some time *after* I hung up and reset) then asked me to use my phone. I've been using it at least a week now without a glitch.

    I asked Dominick why this helped. His repsonse was that Sprint officially says a PRL update will not "fix" a faulty phone. This is because your phone will still go out and do a search and find the right tower to connect with. However in his personal and unofficial opinion he has seen PRL updates fix more quirky problems then he can count.
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    Hi! I just wanted to thank you Sledgie! I was going crazy! I just recently started getting the 'No service' in the middle of calls and just a view minutes ago I could not connect to the internet. Sure enough, my battery was at 37%, I charged it up to 41% and everything is working fine. I know it could have been a coincidence, but I will definitely check my battery life first the next time these errors occur. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by trragtops
    KRamsauer, I agree with your reasoning about the insurance, however as you know the palm warranty is one year, but palm passses repair issues back to the carriers. Unfortunately some of us on the board have "verisoned" treos, so what other recourse does a verisoned treo owner have?
    Hand/One has never sent repair issues back to carrier for GSM. We all deal with Palm One directly other than Carrier feature issues.
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    after browsing through this postings here my experiences:
    Changed to Verizon wireless 2 1/2 month ago; bought treo 600;
    experienced all symptons described in this forum:
    Treo resets, dropping of calls when pressing the answer button; no SMS or MMS receiving, Constant resets with or without touching the device etc.
    This happend after 3 weeks of moderate usage (no internet, no email use, just phone, sms and rarely mms).
    The refurbished replacement device lasted exactly 3 weeks than the same thing happend.
    Got a new device from the store, after I was handed it over I did not let the store people check anything (big mistake!). Put it on the charger for 2 hours, missed one call, wondered why all the missed (test) sms from the last days did not show up. Did a test by sending a picture to my e-mail address which was ok. Went again into my sms application and the system resets itself the moment the first test sms is coming in. From than on exactly the same trouble as with the 2 devices before.
    Whatever goes awfully wrong does not happen only to Sprint as it happens with Verizon as well: my guess is that it is a hardware problem of the Treo.
    It happens within the first day on a brand new phone not after 1 year of usage!
    It cannot be a 3rd party application as my last device was in its native status! No syncing, no downloads, no internet connection, no e-mail received ..nothing!
    I do see the palm one recommendation of running at least Treo600-1.1x (with x being dependant on the wireless provider) software but what can I do when Verizon tells me that there is no other software than the 1.04 which they provide?
    3 phones within 2 1/2 month and no solution arround.

    I still want a Treo but I want one which works. If I can't have it with Verizon than I might take my business somewhere else - after checking carefully all Treo discussion groups
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    Whats a PRL?

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