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    Anybody not able to access data services? I've not had data sevice since yesterday morning. They told me that they've been having network issues, then they told me that they've had scheduled work being done. I was told yesterday that they would re-provision my phone and it would work in 8 hours. Well that is long past. Now I'm being told that they will have me working by 9:45am this morning. They also said something about not showing any network elements on my account??? Does anyone know what that means?

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    That sounds like the typical BS Sprint run around. I would go to a Sprint store and see if their demo phones connect to Vision to see if they are truly having a network problem or not. Then have a tech at the store look at it. I know a few nights ago Vision was not working in Seattle, but it was late at night. Maybe they are doing EVDO upgrades in these areas.
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    I'm in chicago and my vision is connecting fine.

    I know that if you keep trying to connect to vision it will lock you out for half an hour.

    It does sound like the sprint run around though. I'm near the loop right now and was in the north burbs earlier this morning
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    Had that prob yesterday evening...and a few times during the day today.

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    Vision has been a mess since Wens night.

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