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    I got a deal last year of signing a 1 year contract to get $100 in service credit. I was wondering if anyone has gotten this offer? I've heard that it went away and you can only get the $150 rebate after 18 months with a phone if you sign a two-year deal. And I've heard the opposite, that the $100 deal is still available.

    I like the $100 deal better because I'm free to buy a new phone from whomever and it doesn't tie me into a contract that's overly long.
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    To reply back to myself it looks like this is no longer available. They did offer me the ability to get the $150 if I buy the device from them, but I don't think that gets me the free $99 headset. Thus I'd really only be saving $50 on the deal. I wasn't quick enough to ask if I can send in the rebate for the $150 for a new phone that I didn't buy at Sprint. I'm guessing no though.
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    Which part is "no longer available?" I'm in the same boat: I still have 11 months left on the second half of my 2 year contract, but hope to try to talk them into the $150 off for signing on for another year, or two.

    I don't expect them to throw in the Jabra headset, but you can get that from one of the online shops for $69.99, putting you ultimately about $80 ahead of the PalmOne deal.
    Bill Petro

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