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    Looking for a way to extend reception by 100 yards(I know this sounds odd...) But 100 yards is the difference between my treo picking up a Sprint signal in Somerset, Kentucky. ANy suggestions? Thanks!
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    Get a repeater. Their about 300-500 dollars.
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    Stand on the roof?
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    I looked into a repeater, it didn't work for my needs, but it might suit yours. It's an antenna you put on your house, and the signal is re-transmitted inside. Covers about 400-500 square feet.

    Do a google search, you'll find vendors online. Good luck!

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    This is a known problem. I've been fighting it for a month now. The last CSR I talked to finally found a note in their help desk system. I'll paraphrase: Certain Treo 600s manufactured prior to February 2004 have had issues where the phone will enter into a Network Search mode. Happens to about 7% of the phones. If the phone is still under warranty, send a replacement phone.

    Not sure what to do if it's out of warranty, but you stand a good chance at an argument since it's a known problem.
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    Oops - sorry - wrong message board

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