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    I have been a SprintPCS customer for over 5 years. My account has always been in good standing and my bill averages $2,500-$3,000/year (which I pay for myself but my employer reimburses me for about 85% of the cost since most of my use is work related).

    My question is this...
    My phone is over 18 months old and I would like a replacement, however my employer won't allow me to expense the cost of a new phone so I will need to pay for this new phone "out of pocket". Since i'm not excited about the idea of paying Sprint $400-$600 for a new state-of-the-art PDA phone, i'm wondering if anyone can tell me what, if anything, Sprint might be willing or able to offer a customer like me that is in need of a new phone. Service credits are useless to me and I would prefer not to have to switch plans.

    I know that if I leave Sprint and go to Verizon or another carrier, I can get a new phone free of charge. I spoke briefly to a Sprint Rep (by dialing *2) and she offered me a $75 credit towards the purchase of a new phone, however this seems like a paltry amount given my longtime customer status and high utilization. Is Sprint pennywise, pound foolish enough to only offer me $75? Can anyone provide me with recommendations on how best to negotiate for this (and more important, information on WHO I should be negotiating with). I am in San Francisco.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    Why post on EVERY forum possible ? You got an answer at SprintUsers... Take it and deal with it.
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    that type of response doesn't help around here.

    as for your phone vonkodi, they should automatically give you a $150 dollar credit towards a new phone if you have had your current for 18 months or more.
    the $75 is for ppl who haven't reached that yet, although most ppl can get more than that off ebay for their phone.
    if you have a business acct, ask to speak to their business division and see what they can offer to a customer such as yourself. check the numbers faq over at to call them directly. if you haven't already, post this message under the Sprint forums on , as Sprint reps frequent that place and help ppl. good luck
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    Note that the $150 credit is given only if you sign a new 2 year agreement. And if your phone is on a business account (even if you pay for it yourself), Sprint will probably tell you you're not eligible for the credit, or for any rebates. That's what they told me, although I did eventually get the rebate after many phone calls.
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