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    I switched from Sprint to Verizon on October 1, 2004. I did it because my company refused to pay my Sprint bill anymore since we had a Verizon corporate account. Thus, I bought a Treo 600 from verizon and sold my Sprint one on Ebay.

    Within 4 days of owning the Verizon Treo I noticed I missed a handful of phone calls (maybe 33%). I'd just get a new voice mail indicator. The problem got significantly worse when I travelled to Tampa, Florida on business (home = Austin, TX by the way). I missed about 50% of my calls in Tampa. It's important to note that I always show signal (at least 2 bars) when these calls are missed. Then the next week I travelled to NYC where I missed about 20% of my incoming calls. The week after I was in Los Angeles and I missed a good 75% of my calls. Back in Austin, I continued to miss about 40% of my calls. This weekend I've been in Houston and have missed EVERY single incoming call.

    I've had 6 calls into Verizon where they've tried everything from resets, to changing bands, to finally giving me a new phone. I got the new phone yesterday and have since missed all calls in Houston. Interestingly, I had no problem receiving two calls while I was driving to Houston.

    I've also mainted extremely long outgoing calls without dropping calls, it just has to do with receiving calls. The callers who call me are getting sent directly to voicemail (i.e. the phone is not ringing at all for the callers). I'm frustrated beyond belief, can anyone think of something new to try?

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    Is your data connection active (for wireless sync, etc?) If it is, it will force all incoming calls to voice mail.

    I'm in Houston and can't remember the last time I've had a missed call with my Treo.
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    Wireless Sync is the culprit. It pings the system almost constantly. I'd suggest getting a third party mail program like snappermail or chatter and see if that changes anything. Just disable wireless sync and trial snapper for a few days. Then, at least you'll know if wireless sync is causing your problem or not.

    I leave my wireless connection on all the time, but do not use the VZW wireless sync program to check email. I never miss calls.
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    I don't use wireless sync I use Snapper. I am almost always connected to the data service but I don't have automatic mail download active or anything.
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    This is a known problem with VZW's implementation of "always-on". They ping frequently to sustain the connection. If you want your calls to go through nearly 100%, you'll need to disconnect or purchase software to do it automatically.

    Nobody likes this so keep complaining to VZW.
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    TreoHelper says it can disconnect for me, but it doesn't work. Is there any free software that does it?
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    I use Batter Dr. Not free, but only $5.

    But if not wireless sync, then there must be another app (MMS?) that's keeping the data connection active. Other than user-initiated data connections (blazer, Snappermail, etc) there aren't many built-in apps that will maintain a data connection.

    If you take a Treo out of the box, activate it, and do nothing but make and receive calls, your Treo is never going to initiate a data connection and keep it open.

    How often do you send/receive MMS messages?
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    Yes, it sounds like there is a problem with the actual unit My VZW Treo has the data connection always on and I never miss calls. I don't use battery doctor or any other third party program that shuts off the data connection.

    My only other thought is that perhaps the snapper connection is always on. You can change that in the settings, I think, so that it only checks when you ask it to.
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    Do you have Snapper preferences set to "Disconnect afterwards"? If not, you'll want to do that.

    Blazer doesn't automatically disconnect so you'll want to either manually disconnect (Network Preferences) after using it or use 3rd party software. Treo 600 Connection Manager is expensive, IMO, but I've been successful with it for a couple of months now.
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    Ok, I'm already on my second Treo so I don't think it's defective hardware anymore.

    Snapper is set to manual delivery only. I do use automatic delivery once a day (6am-630am) so I wake up and all my email is on my phone. That's it, one auto-delivery a day.

    Ideally I'd like to keep the data active so i don't have to login everytime, but I don't have any pieces of software that poll for updates or anything like that. Right now I'm just manually disconnecting everytime I use data. I'll see if that helps the problem.
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    I think it's the network, not the phone. As stated above, VZ seems to ping the device more often than others. Is your LED orange more often than you think it should be? (meaning, the data connection is on more than you might think, due to ntwrk pinging)
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    So, now I'm confused. Why is it that some VZW users are having this problem and some not? While I don't use the data network a ton, I do use it to access a few websites and check my email (via snapper) every hour or so during the day. In that time, I've never missed a call or had it pushed to voicemail. It seems that others are experiencing this problem. I, of course, disconnect after each web use (I use either Blazer or webviewer) or each snapper log in.

    Hmmm. What gives? Could it be a regional network problem? I'm in NorCal (SF Bay area). Or maybe a firmware version/updates issue?
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    This is why you don't have the problem:
    Quote Originally Posted by freeheel
    I, of course, disconnect after each web use (I use either Blazer or webviewer) or each snapper log in.
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    I haven't had a single problem since I started disconnecting from the data network.

    I'm a bit disappointed that talking to 10 custmer service specialists didn't yield the right answer.

    If anyone here works for VZW or knows someone who does, tell them to update their system with this fix, or fix the problem altogether.
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    I had a similar experience with Verizon and a Kyocera 7135. Missed many (50% or more) calls, and in some cases was not notified of the calls for 48 hours. This happened in San Francisco and the midwest. Many frustrating hours with customer support, full firmware upgrade and a hard software upgrade by a senior technician. Finally dumped the Keyocera AND Verizon. Problem solved.

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