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    Been using WS for a month with no real issues. Last nite, worked fine. This morning, asking me for password during WS on Treo. Type in password, says Authentification Failed.

    So I go to the WS sync website, try to log in there as well...again, SERVER FAILED TO AUTHENTICATE. So try to have password SMSed to me, again FAILED. After type in password on Treo, I get an alert message with no text...weird. The alert does not show up in SMS either. Treo has been static (from adding new programs) for the past month too (so not to disrupt the perfect function I finally got).

    Anyone having this problem today (and figures leaving for roadtrip for 7 days tonite....). Just curious if its me (and my pw, or wider VZW issue today).

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    Yes, had the same problem starting last last nighti nto this morning. But I think it's fixed now.

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