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    I'm not even sure this makes sense but maybe as I type it out I'll understand my question better.

    I would just try this but I don't start my new job until next week so I can't and I'm just trying to figure out in theory how it would work. I plan on using VZW's WirelessSync for my work email which I believe is Outlook on an Exchange server.

    Currently at home I'm running Outlook pointing to a POP3 server for personal mail. I was playing around with WirelessSync at home and it seems to work well and keeps my Outlook in sync even though it's POP3, cool!

    But once, I get WirelessSync running at work, can I also have it running at home, so one for Exchange and one for POP3?
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    Adam -

    For your work server I would use Chatter which works better than Wirless Sync if your server can support IMAP. If your work server supports IMAP?IDLE command, you can have a truly Push based email solution, that works instantly. It is much faster than Wireless Sync, and you don't have to have a 3rd party software that has all of your contact, date book and email data.

    For the pop3 server on Chatter, I believe that you can forward your pop3 email to a account - even with the free version you get full IMAP support that will integrate with Chatter. I have not done the pop3 forward to fastmail, so if you do so let me know how it works.
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    To answer your question --

    It was confirmed by a CS rep that you cannot have two WS servers defined -- even if you only plan to use one at a time.
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    Thank you both. So to understand what ambtreo is saying, find out if my work email supports IMAP and then i can use chatter? My first day was today and we use outlook connected to an exchange server, not sure really what IMAP is (i am familiar with POP3 however).

    I asked and they said they could install something on my PDA and get it working but i'm hesitant to hand it over. i'll get more details but if i can get it working myself, i'd rather. if it does support IMAP, is there an issue with getting into the network to get the email or is that what IMAP does? sorry for the ignorance...

    EDIT: If it helps we are using Outlook 2003, and Outlook Web Access 2003. As far as I know they don't have Oulook Mobile Access setup. Not sure if that helps determine what Exchange version they are running.
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    Wireless sync will support up to 4 individual mail accounts merged into one inbox. So yes, you can have both your work exchange email and your personal POP email on the same device.
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    Yes, I can add a POP3 account to my WirelessSync profile running on my work machine. But I can't have WirelessSync running at work and WirelessSync running at home where I have Outlook also running connected to my POP3 account.

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