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    I just got a sprint treo 600, and verizonized it via the method layed down in an earlier post by GalenMD. Everything has worked smoothly and I got the ESN changed with a phone call and I now recieve and can call people, but when I use the sms program i get an error message saying: "The network is not responding." and then it tries again two more times and then I error goes away but the person doesn't get it. I have had SMS's sent to my phone and I recieve them perfectly.
    Is this a problem with the SMS program that comes from sprint? I do have the 1.2v updater installed. I don't have any internet options on my verizon plan and they rep said that I didn't have text messaging blocked. It was blocked when I had my old phone and she had that taken off.
    Please help me I have everything as said in the posts and have spent hours reading threads.
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    Ok so now I got the sms to work but it only works when I ##727 and set it to run on pcs bandwidth. So my phone now says roam, but works on verizon. does anyone have a verizon sms program??

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