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    Im a "new customer" for sprint when the treo 650 comes out. And ill get be add to my moms plan since she already has one and she gets a discount through state farm. And i was wondering if a sprint employee could tell me if I will be able to get the new customer discount?!? and can i use that discount if I use the treoroad show coupon?
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    I know that if you add a new line to an existing account, it is considered new service. I got the new customer discount when I added a line for my son. I don't know if you can get the Sprint new customer discount for a phone you bought somewhere else. I would like to know, because I currently qualify for the upgrade discount.
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    thats good to hear. from what i hear you do get the discount but you have to go through sprint customer service and not sprint stores because they only allow it if you from from them but ill have to see once ive brought the phone. but 349 for the 650 isnt bad at all. and if i can get it for 199 itll feel much better since i dont have all that much money.

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