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    I'm about to return my Treo, but am hoping you guys can clear this up for me.
    When I first got my Treo, I opted not to get the data plan since I'm never really going to be online. My first bill included a 1400 minute call that the rep said was for data usage. I explained that I had not used the net at all, and had never logged on. They said that the Treo connects to the net if I send a text or pic message, and that it doesn't automatically disconnect. Therefore, if I want to send text/pic messages, I'd have to get a data plan. I called Palm and had their tech rep speak to Verizon's tech rep. The Palm rep said Verizon is the only company with this problem and implied they've rigged their software to do this. The Verizon rep agreed but said I can manually disconnect from the net whenever I sent a message (huge hassle). I got them to agree to let me test this for a month with the option of returning my phone. When I called back, there was no charges (and each time I checked I never actually seemed to be conencted to the net), but they said I would absolutely be charged, the problem exists and there's no way around this. Bottom line, I'd love to keep my Treo, but don't want to argue with Verizon every month b/c I'm charged over $500 for nonexistent data usage. Any suggestions?

    Thnx, Roxy
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    I just started with Verizon las week and am experimenting with the data settings. I signed up for the 5MB plan ($25 month) . I've since spoke to some at Verizon that said I could use the Web package ($8 month?) and it would just use minutes from my plan. i've also installed Treo Connection Manager to always disconnect and keep an eye on the arrows. There was a posting on one of the Treo boards showing how to set up alternate data access that seem to work for me.
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    most Treo users who go to VZW due so because the quality of their network superceeds by far the other carriers. I would recommend that anyone who uses them for the Treo go with the $45 unlimited data plan - you will spend the extra $20 a month in billing issues that don't get resolved to your satisfaction, wasted time dealing with csr's, and/or amortizing the loss on your ebay sale on the treo vs. your cost to acquire a 600/650 with another carrier. VZW will beat you everytime on the billing issues, so it's better to have all you can eat and not have to deal with the hassles. You get what you pay for, and the premium you're paying for is national coverage.
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    1) You do not need any data or web plans to use the Treo on the internet. It works fine with NA MOU (and is free on nights/weekends).

    2) You must add one or more utility programs which turn off random data usage with VZW. I use Battery Dr and TreoHelper

    3) If you are online much during peak times, you'll need the unlimited data plan for $45 ( the 5 mb plan is worthless - you'll go thru that in a day or two)

    4) Consider Sprint or some other carrier for unlimited data as they are much less expensive (eg: Sprint = $15 for unlimited data)

    5) Dump Blazer if you do a lot of web browsing. I like WebViewer the best.

    6) Don't use Chatter Mail unless you have unlimited data

    7) If you have Snapper Mail, make sure the preferences are set to turn off the connection after usage and turn off automatic delivery, unless you have unlimited data.
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    Right. I'm willing to pay a premium in cell plan for outstanding coverage. And I'm doing it now on the A/C 400 plan. I'm also willing to pay for data usage, but Verizon doesn't offer a plan that reasonably meets my needs.

    I am a very light data user. Enough so that the per minute Mobile Web worked fine on my other phones. I never ate through all the minutes on my plan. I'm willing to do the same on my Treo to be able to check email once in a while, get weather, find phone numbers or addresses rather than dialing information, etc.

    But I'm not willing to pay $45 a month for less than half an hour of internet usage per month. And until Verizon offers a way to accurately keep an eye on data usage, the 5mb $25/month plan isn't even an option. I'm willing to pay a premium for it, much like Sprint users do for $15 a month. But I'm not willing to be gouged for it considering my light needs.

    If Verizon ever shuts off ENMOU and doesn't offer a competitively priced data plan, I'll be looking elsewhere for service. And I believe there are many people in the same situation as myself.
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    Thanks for the replies so far. My problem is not that I want to use any data at all and am looking for the most cost effective option. It's that I don't expect to use any data at all and am just seeking some confirmation that I won't be charged for data use just because I'm sending pics and messages. Do the programs drrjv mentions, Battery Dr and TreoHelper, stop the pinging so this won't happen, or are those only helpful if I'm using the web and don't want to forget to log off?

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    I use Battery Dr., and it's essential for MMS. That's really the one app that I can't control.

    If you send a MMS, it leaves the data connection open. Yeah, you can go to the network preferences and turn it off manually, but the problem is if you receive a MMS and don't get to your phone for a while. When you receive a MMS, it will leave it open as well. And this is something that you can't control.

    Battery Dr. will allow you to automatically turn off the data radio x minutes (or immediately) after power off. So as soon as the auto-off kicks in (30 secs, 1 min, 2 min) it will turn the data connection off as well.

    I've been using EN MOU on my Treo since it first came out and have had absolutely no problems. But I do a good job of remembering to keep an eye on the data connection.
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    I was inspired by your replies to have a long chat with Verizon's data tech support people. Verizon says that even if I manually turn off the data connection after each message, which I checked last month (it was never on), the phone might still be pinging the net. He states that the pings are irregular - e.g., one month there might be none, some months there might be hour long pings, and that there is no way to control that. Here are questions I have for you guys based on that conversation.

    1) When you say that battery dr turns off the data radio, does that mean it turns off the wireless service so I can't receive any calls?

    2) If I can receive calls, does that mean Battery Dr prevents prevents pinging until I turn the power back on, or that it just disconnects any open connection, but the Treo could decide to ping while the power is off. If there is no pinging it all while the power is off, could the pinging still occur while the power is on and I'm calling someone, using the Treo for other purposes etc?

    Finally, FYI, Verizon did say that if I turned off all data access, I would completely lose pic message capability, but would still have text message access. The text messages would not be enhanced text messages - only the standard 160 character limit variety.

    Really appreciating the help!

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    Battery Dr. will only turn the data part of the wireless off, leaving the voice wireless connection open. You'll have absolutely no problem sending or receiving calls.

    My suggestion is to download it and give it a shot. Wait until your free nights/weekends and spend a few hours playing with various data apps (blazer, mms, snappermail, etc) and get a good feel how they work and how Battery Dr. can help.

    I haven't seen the random pings that the tech told you about, and while I'm not calling him a liar, many verizon CS and techs I've spoken to are less informed than your average TreoCentral/HoFo user. Put more creedence in your own experiences.
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    I agree with the advice above but I'm not comfortable with what VZW told you about picture messaging requiring Wireless Web or some data plan. Are you planning to share pictures with other cellphones? If you plan to share pictures to other email addresses, you might want to get Snappermail and just send the pictures that way.

    I have unlimited data and I still don't use MMS because each messages costs 25 cents no matter what time of day it is sent. You can send a picture with Snapper in about 1 minute at no cost off-peak. Heck, I send group text messages that way too. There is no need to spend $1 to send a message to 10 people.
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    True. But I usually send a MMS every few weeks in case Verizon shuts off my ENMOU and I need to argue that I need it on my plan to send picture messages.

    So I'm spending $1 a month to save $44 more.

    And you do not need Wireless Web with the Treo. That's only for phones with WAP browsers to connect you to Verizon's WAP portal.
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    So is MMS costing even with the data plans? I thought it was included?
    From the last post can I go with NO data plan if I want to do the occasional web check/emails and just take it out of my minutes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    So is MMS costing even with the data plans? I thought it was included?
    From the last post can I go with NO data plan if I want to do the occasional web check/emails and just take it out of my minutes?
    Yes, MMS is extra even with a data plan and that sucks (even though I never use picture messaging). I just wish text messaging was included.

    No you don't need a plan, if you can get a rep to turn on MOU. I had it for a very long time on my 7135 and it worked very well for me. Since I use Wireless Sync on the Treo and expect to operate as a BB with pushes all day long, I switched to the unlimited plan.

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