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    I've purchased a Treo 600 from Verizon approximately 2 months ago and live in the Boston area. I have been disappointed with the Treo cell signal reception. I routinely have dropped calls and weak signal strength in comparison to other Verizon phones. My roomate also has a Treo 600 and he has been having the same problem. All in all I love the Treo but am disappointed greatly with the cell signal reception. It seems that people with a Sprint Treo 600 actually have better reception in this area. Does anyone know how to get a Verizon phone to use Sprint towers? (I know this is the reverse of what everyone else is trying to do) Or does anyone know anything about this problem?

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    Verizon was kind enough to replace my Samsung i-600 with the Treo 600 after sending me 4 replacement i-600's. My cell reception in and around the City and even my house has seriously skyrocketed! I now have full reception in my house wheras with the i-600, I had like 2 bars. Can't wait til the Treo 650 comes out, I'll get my coupon, and buy one, and hopefully convert it to Verizon. Good luck. You might want to try *228, to update your phone.

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    just so i know, what's the process besides *228 to update a sprint-bought phone to work on verizon?

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