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    I wasn't going to buy the 650 but I just had to call sprint to replace my 600 for a second time. So how do I make the change. I have two vision phones on my account, only one is the treo that I bought from handspring. In a month the non-treo's contract expires and one year of the two on the treo. Thinking of selling the refurb. on ebay and buying new.


    1. Is their anything special I need to do so the ebay buyer can use the phone (ESN).

    2. Should I wait until I have the 650 instead of activating the refurb. 600

    3. If I extend my existing treo contact can I get sprint rebates on the 650.

    Thank You in advance.
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    I'd like to know this as well. Actually I called up Sprint today and the guy said they don't allow upgrades to different phones, even if my existing unit is defective. WTF?

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