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    I have tried to send pics over Verizon. I get an alert:

    "MMS Problem" My CSR told me that I needed a "patch" and that they would e-mail me a download. This morning I recontacted Verizon at 1-866-890-2351 and the Tech told me that they were not aware of such problem. I then "Googled" and discovered that others were having same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can use the picture phone option over the Verizon Network.....or are they just trying to put me off?
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    I have not had the problem with my first VZW phone and never heard of a patch. I just had the CSR send me a picture and I sent one to her. As I recall, she had to change a setting her her side to make it work. She then credited me .50 to cover the cost of the test (at my request).

    (I have not tried it with my replacement phone.)
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    I picked up the phone Weds and haven't been able to make it send or recieve MMS. Talked to tech support yesterday afternoon. They are having server problems affecting some users and were hoping to have it up and running 'soon'. They did send me a small app first to run/. mmssend Didn't help.
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