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    A friend has a small business and went with Verizon and the Treos for his employees, when they sold him the phones they told him the workgroup would
    do the job for him and he will have the Outlook sync'ed onto each user's phone from the Exchange server he currently has.

    So today I was helping him out to set a couple of Treos so they could do the rest later on, went thru the 1st phone after a few glitches it installed and the Outlook data seemed fine in the PDA. Then we went for the 2nd Treo lost of troubles we talked with several of their support people some seem to know what was happening while others just wasted our time to transfer us to someone that knew more. So multiple trials/calls and at the end the guy tell us that Workgroup Monitor DOES NOT WORK.

    I am not sure if the tech guy just ran out of options or it is true that the
    Workgroup monitor actually does not work. Anyone with any experience with the Workgroup setting???

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    A colleage and I are running VWZ wireless sync off of a workgroup monitor accessing Lotus Notes. Not sure that I can offer any advice, only encouragement.

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