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    I am currently with AT&T (using a Sony Ericsson p900) and am generally pleased with the service (only a few dead spots consistently encountered).

    I am anxiously awaiting the Treo 650 and am prepared to jump ship to Sprint, since I am assuming that they'll get it before AT&T.

    Can anyone who uses Sprint in Chicago comment on their service reliability, etc in Chicago? I used Sprint about 3 years ago and had a lot of problems with calls going directly to Voicemail; just curious if things are better now...

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    I have had Sprint since the 600 came out and use it throughout downtown Chicago and the suburbs. I have been very pleased with the service. A few years back Sprint definitely stunk in Chicagoland, but I have no complaints anymore.
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    Anytime I am in Chicago my sprint service works very good, now if only it would work that way at home!
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    Argelius, a couple of years ago Sprint really invested in the Chicago area (reportedly to the tune of about $80 million) and drastically improved their coverage. Since then, few people report any serious issues with coverage & signal strength. My only issues are when I'm surrounded by concrete underground, like in the lower levels of Millenium Park Garage, or if I'm in the center portion of a skyscraper 40+ stories up (still works fine by the windows; just not so good in the middle of the building).

    I still get a call every 4-6 weeks that goes straight to VM, but it's not frequent enough to be a bother and could simply be me not hearing the ringer/feeling the vibe.

    I live in the western 'burbs and coverage is fine everywhere I go.
    - Fushigi
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    How is the Sprint reception in the Northwest suburbs like Cary, Fox River Grove, and Barrington? How about at O'Hare? Currently when I am in the terminal all I can get is analog. When my new Treo 650 arrives there is no analog.

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