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    I received an email from Sprint yesterday saying they are updating to EV-DO, which is great!! The question I have is "when will it happen?" All they say in the write up is that it's coming in the future. When is that?

    This is big news to me because the current system is ridiculously slow right now and in my business I need to be able to send & receive video clips on my Treo.
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    good luck sending and receiving video clips on your treo or the new 650! EV-DO requires a EVDO chipset and the new 650 won't have and the current 600 won't either. To answer your question, there are a few markets that are rolling out EVDO as we speak (mainly major cities) but there are only a few HANDSETS that can currently take advantage of it. With the term HANDSETS i am actually referring to mobile phones/pdas. On a side note, a new PPC phone soon to be released later this month will have EVDO on it - but that capability would be temporarily worthless unless you reside in a EVDO market. By the end of 2005 there will be EVDO rollout everywhere (if you follow Sprint's EVDO nationwide plans)
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    Looks like even with the new T650, I will be screwed as far as being able to send & receive video clips with Sprint for quite a while, huh?
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    Sprint hasn't rolled out EV-DO to any markets yet. Verizon has quite a few, but very few devices support it. Sprint will roll EV-DO to all major markets by the end of 05, but I doubt you'll see a wide variety of device support until Q4 of 05 at the earliest from Sprint.

    That said - keep in mind that EV-DO has the same upload speed as 1XRTT, so "sending" video clips will still be a painful process. Also remember that handsets utilizing any data technology are inherently slower than their connection-card counterparts. Handsets have fewer "timeslots" allotted to them, so you may not see optimum speeds from a "video" phone.
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    K...when you say can't send video clips...are you talking about the 15 seconds of blur that a camera phone can take or is this something new with the 650. I have the a680 camera phone for sprint and it takes and sends 15 second clips to other capable phones.
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    EVDO will be in select major us markets Q4 2004. the rest by the end of 05.

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