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    So the 600 has been out for several months on Verizon. Many of us have dealt with overbilling. We've either learned to manage our minutes using Connection Manager, etc... or given up and are dropping $45/mo. for unlimited data. Whichever way you've gone though, you end up with a crippled device. Either you lose out on push capabilities or you nuke your battery life and miss calls.

    After all the discussion, we still don't know what Verizon actually did to the data settings or why. What is this mysterious "polling" and what theoretical benefit led VWZ to implement it? Does it happen on Sprint and no one cares because unlimited is just $15?

    And most importantly, there has to be a better solution to this ridiculous situation! But the only way to find it is to truly understand the situation.

    So who knows someone in VWZ's testing group? How about PalmOne's Treo software division? Is there a way to packet sniff the data connection? How about side by side comparisons of Sprint versus Verizon?

    What can be done to isolate this problem and fix it? And who's on board to help make it happen?
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    I'm confused a bit. I've got VZW with the data plan, and my phone "pings" the network often but I never miss a call, it rings (or rather vibrates) whenever a call comes through.
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    Count yourself lucky then. When a data call is active (arrows green), received calls will go directly to voicemail. And when the CDMA version of the phone transfers data, the minimum interval before it goes inactive is about 15 seconds (that's my phone - test yours or check out this thread

    So if the network polls your phone once every ten minutes (being generous here, it seems much more frequent), you'll be unavailable for about 4% of the time. Any your phone will be powering up to make a 15s call each time, consuming precious standby battery life.

    It would seem to me that this is an unfortunate combination of how the CDMA phone has long active data transfer sessions and Verizon's decision to poll. GSM phones have much shorter sessions and no polling. Sprint CDMA has the same session length, but no polling.

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