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    For the guys that are on the trial or new version of Sprint Business Connection PE - Does it allow you to file email messages into Personal Folders?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murf
    But the hyperlinks don't actually do anything. Click a hyperlink in a message and you will open up a box that says Go to URL and list the URL to go to. You then have a choice of Yes or no. Press Yes and nothing happens, Press no and nothing happens. Neat...

    Still having calendar access is nice.
    Clicking on a hyperlink works fine for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCB37
    WTF! Whats the point of havng a calandar in BC? It needs to sync with the Palm calandar on the phone!

    What a waste of time...I'm so pissed...
    The new calendar does provide \one useful feature - I can accept/decline meetings from BizCon. That's a valuable feature to me, albeit one that would be much more useful if it was integrated with the Palm calendar as you mention.
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