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    I just started using a Treo 600 on Sprint (great phone), but before this I was using a Samsung i600 on Verizon. With that phone & service, when someone sent me an IM via MSN Messenger from their PC, I would get an SMS to which I could reply, and that reply was displayed in the other person's MSN Messenger window.

    On the Treo with Sprint I receive the SMS, but I can not reply (only Forward). So I started Googling this annoyance, and found info on Treo600SMS, MO-SMS and such things.

    Do I understand this correctly:
    - My current Treo (FW1.2) already includes Treo600SMS by VeriChat
    - When someone sends me an IM from MSN Messenger, that message is somehow received as a Mobile-Originated SMS, and therefore I can not reply to it (because there is no orginating mobile number)?

    What's the solution here.....IM client like VeriCat, Chatter or Mundi?

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    Your description isn't quite accurate. When someone sends you an IM via MSN Messenger, who/what are they messaging? A username, phone number, email address, or something else?

    The Treo 600 does not include Treo600SMS, it has built-in support for SMS receive and send. The best way to do IM on the Treo is with VeriChat, Chatter, Causerie, or Chatopus. All have their pros and cons, and you probably should try them out to see which you like best.

    The experience you had with Verizon is probably special support they provide for interacting with MSN Messenger. I'm not sure if Sprint has anything like that. I know there is support for AOL IM and I thought MSN Messenger as well, but maybe just not the same as Verizon.
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    When you open the Tools menu in MSN Messenger, there is a section "Mobile Device" on the Phone tab. In that section you can check a box to allow people in the contact list to send you a message to your mobile device. There is a "Mobile Settings" button as well that takes you to the site, where you can log in with your Passport. Once there, you can click on "Change my service", where I can select my wireless provider (Sprint PCS) from a drop-down box, and I can specify my 10-digit mobile phone number. Once you hit OK, it sends a text message to "" (with the numbers representing my 10-digit mobile phone number).

    I am not sure how the message is sent technically. When I send myself an email to the above mentioned address, I can reply to it just fine, and the whole SMS conversation is nicely presented in a chat-thread. But when someone sends me an IM via MSN Messenger (while I am offline), it arrives as an SMS to which I can not reply.

    As far as Treo600SMS is concerned....the reason why I was under that impression is because the screenshot of Treo600SMS on the Verichat website looks exactly like the built-in SMS app on my Treo...
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    Interesting, thanks for the explanation. When an email is sent to the email address, there is a gateway in Sprint's network that converts the email to a SMS message. Since there is a return email address associated when it gets processed by the gateway, it knows how to route your reply back to the sender.

    The only conclusion I have is that Sprint doesn't have a gateway setup for the SMS reply to go to MSN Messenger.

    The Treo600SMS screenshot looks like the built-in SMS app, because the screenshot is of the built-in app. Treo600SMS made changes under the covers to make the built-in application work with their SMS server as a gateway instead of going through the carrier's network.
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    I think your conclusion is right, and that kinda sucks!

    Thanks for the info on Treo600SMS, that explains that :-)

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