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    Does anyone know whats going on with verizon,i have a qualcomm gsp-1600 that i had service with one month ago,i switched to a little mototrola v60 then bought another gsp-1600 went back to verizon they activated the esn number ...said they werent suppose to since it wasnt one of there approved phones.They couldnt remember how to program the phone so i brought it home call qualcomm and they walked me through it.Now when i try and use it i get a message saying the esn number is not a valid number?I called the local store and they double checked the esn and said it was correct.Also verizon said they had not made any changes to there system and if it worked a month ago it should work now......PLEASE HELP THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!EVEN THERE TECHS SAID IT WOULD PROBABLY WORK.
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    I'm not saying you won't get a valid response from here, but you may also want to post your situation over at hofo's. You'll find a few people there who are techs with Verizon and will be able to help you.
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    Who is hofos?
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    howard forums

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