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    i'm sure a thread like this has popped up thousands of times before, but i really did look through the 3 pages of threads and didn't find anything.

    I've had a regular cell phone with sprint for about 1 1/2 yrs now and I'm going to get a treo later on this month and I'm trying to figure out which service provider is best. it has come down to t-mobile and sprint. for the plans I want, they both add up to $50 a month(sprint=$35+$15)(tmobile=$30+$20).

    is the data service really much faster with sprint?
    i know sprint has a wider coverage but will having a sim card with t-mobile be better?
    and wtf is the treo 650?
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    The 650 is the new version of the treo.
    Here are the basics of the upgrade:
    Increased resolution from 160x160 to 320x320
    Faster Processor

    As for who you should go with...Talk to everyone you know that have sprint and tmobile...see what they think about coverage. If you can...borrow a phone from each and see how service is in your house and job (but remember not all phones are created equal..some will get vbetter service then others). As for the SIM card...all it does is prevent you from having to redo your contact list...unless you fry the card that is.

    The good thing about sprint is their retention packages. Once your out of contract you can get great deals. Also if you have your account as a buisness account you can get a % discount and vision for $10. Goto and read through the "underground" forum.

    Either way you go...wait till the 650 comes out...the 600 will drop in price when that happens.
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    are you happy with Sprint's coverage? If yes, then I'd stick with them. The data speeds and coverage are significantly better.

    The SIM card is very handy, but I wouldn't base my carrier decision on it.
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    thanks for the replies. if their data speed is significantly better, then i'll guess i'll stick with sprint. if only their phone came in silver.
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