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    I did a search, but did not see the answer to this issue, so I am posting. If there is a thread with the answer, please let me know.

    On my Treo 600, I used to have the Verizon 5 MB data plan ($24.99).

    Back then, every month I would use more than 5 MB of data, and have a lot of unused, wasted voice minutes.

    So I decided to cancel the data plan, and try to use my voice minutes when I was checking email and surfing the web.

    I recently canceled the 5 MB data plan.

    Unfortunately, now I cannot use my voice minutes to check my email. No data services are working now.

    How can I enable my data services, without signing up for the 5 MB ($24.99) or unlimited ($45) data plans?

    Any ideas?

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    try using the antenna of your treo to type on the keyboard of your pc/mac when you are checking your mail. Then you can say you used your treo to check mail without a data plan.

    Beyond that I dont think there is a way. Why would they have seperate data if you could use your minutes?
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    What happened is the csr disabled all your data access when you had him/her remove the data plan. You can try a couple of things:

    1) Call them back and ask them nicely to reenable the data access, but not to add any new plans. Depending on the csr you get, this could be your best bet. This is what I did, and can now use my voice minutes for data. They are technically not supposed to do this, but they know this is "the right thing to do".

    2) Call them back and add "mobile web". I think its $5 a month now. All this does is get you access to Verizon's "get it now" features, stuff you dont need to access the web at all. Again, when they add the mobile web, they will reenable data access.

    WARNING: YOU MUST DISCONNECT EVERY TIME YOU'RE DONE USING THE WEB BROWSER / EMAIL CLIENT! Failing to do this will leave it connected, and run thru your minutes in record time. I had a $1000 bill my first month because I didn't realize this was what was going on.
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    Call them and tell them you are unable to send MMS/picture messages. This (along with PTT) is why EN-MOU is provisioned, so they should add it back for you.

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