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    I have a 5 month old Sprint/Palm One Treo 600.

    Recently I have the dreaded broken orange pixel issue on my screen and I was told to take it back to Sprint for a warranty exchange.

    I walk into the Sprint store and showed the technician my problem and he verified that a replacement will be given to me.

    However, since I purchased the handset outright and never activated it on the Sprint network they consider that phone "not to exist" and cannot give me the replacement phone. So they tell me to go contact Palm One.

    I was on the phone with Palm One and since it is a Sprint branded phone they will not do any warranty tech support or advance warranty replacement. I asked her why and she said "Because it has a Sprint logo on it. We only do support for GSM Treo 600's" so I am wondering WTF a Verizon Treo 600 is then.

    So the bottom line is I'm screwed. Sprint won't help me and the manufacturer told me they won't help me.

    Nice to know that a product still under warranty won't be serviced by the people that make it.

    End of rant.
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    I do not understand. You have a Sprint phone but never activated it on their network. Who is your service provider?
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    I bought the phone from the Sprint store in Bellingham and activated it in Canada under Telus Mobility.
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    Can you take it back to the Sprint store in B'Ham? Or is that where you took it to begin with - and they wont assist you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MC Hammered
    I bought the phone from the Sprint store in Bellingham and activated it in Canada under Telus Mobility.
    This is a problem that you would have with any provider then, though after explaining the situation I'm not sure why Palm One wouldn't help. You bought a phone from Sprint to use on another network. They don't (and no other provider that I know of) supports that. No provider wants their phone used on another network. They want the phone to entice you to use it on theirs. It's no fun in their view to provide phone support for devices that aren't even on their network. All cost, no profit.

    I wouldn't place the blame for this on Sprint. It rests with Palm One, the guys who actually have the manufacturers warranty on the device. Sprint doesn't sell their phones (usually at a loss, even WITHOUT subsidies) to be used on another network, and if you'd of asked them these questions upfront, they'd of told you as much. End result is you're not a Sprint customer, and it isn't their warranty, so why should they be responsible for it?
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    I am not placing the onus on Sprint at all... maybe my title was a bit heavy handed due to my anger after getting off the phone with Palm One.

    I understand that since Sprint nver made a dime off me that I get no support. I understood this the minute I bought the handset.

    I did however expect Palm One to have tech support or repair for the phones since they are the ones that make them. Now I find they are (or the stupid customer service rep) is hiding behind the "It's a Sprint phone so you have to deal with them" shield.

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