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    I have had my treo 600 since November. We have two phones and share 700 minutes. My husband ported my old cell phone number with T-Mobile back in Novemberand I have been been trying to port my land line number to my Sprint cell phone since August since we live in a small town and I couldn't do it prior to that. I DO believe that you can catch more bees with honey and have tried to do everything in my power to get this done.
    I was given a Sprint number when I got my phone in November... then this August when I started to port my landline, they had to change my contract and issue me a new Sprint number in the correct service area. Then they disconnected that number. I have been paying this phone bill for two months now. At first I could call out but not receive calls. Now I have NOTHING!! I have tried to explain that I don't think it is fair that I pay for service I am not receiving. Everytime I call... I get... "it will be done in 2-4 days or 10 days". Obviously the 2-4 days or 10 days have passed over SEVERAL times in this two month period. Today... they said they had to do the port again... they had to reestablish my contract. Since I haven't gotten the best service so far... I don't think I should have to sign another 2 year contract in order to get this done... It isn't my fault that they can't get this completed!!
    The last time I called... I got transferred 4 times and then disconnected. At that point I lost it!! I called back and by the time I got to speak to someone I was in tears!! Can anyone tell me what recourse I have? I will do what I have to to get this done. I don't think it is unfair to ask for a credit on my account or have to continue to extend my contract.
    Can the Attorney General help me or can the FCC help? I'm at a loss. I have read some of the posts on here. I have been patient and haven't yelled, screamed or used vulgar language. What can I do? Any suggestions? I've heard on a number of occasions that "they will monitor" my account, but obviously that hasn't happened when I haven't heard from anyone in 10 days and still have a phone that isn't working!! Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.
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    Executive Services - For when things get really messed up
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    To update this info.... I have tried the executive corporate numbers that are listed... I got a man who said he was at the front desk.. transferred me and then I got a recording saying the number was incorrect. I've tried other numbers on the list and they are not useable from my phone area. I have taken this a step further and filed a complaint with the FCC.... I think this is outrageous that after 2 1/2 mos. I can't get this number ported. I also have a phone that is not usable. i keep getting a bill and if I don't pay it... they will charge me the early termination fee.... THAT by the way is the reason I haven't transferred to another carrier. If ANYONE has any further suggestions or any phone numbers or addresses where I can write to someone higher up the chain of command... I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Drive to a store. it may be a pain, but they cant hang up on your while your standing infront of them. Ive resorted to this a couple times and never left the store without getting my problem fixed. They have new customers comming in and want you to remain calm and not make a scene...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomas316
    Drive to a store ...
    Agreed. I had a contract issue that CS wouldn't resolve ... a Sprint rep actually said "I will not discuss the matter any further and I will not transfer you to a supervisor." Going to a Sprint store and getting a bit obstinate with the store clerk got things fixed in a hurry.
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    there is only 1 place to go to get action on these types of issues, I don't work for them, but have had numerous consumer complaints addressed by them,each time quickly and to my 100% satisfaction.

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