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    hi my name is envy am new to the forum 1 quick ques since i never did this am switching over to sprint from t mobile i found a trio 600 in jan will i have a problem hooking it up with sprint it carries the sprint logo and if so why and can i do anything about it???
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    my treo is currently in transit, so my response here may not be 100%, but if it carries the sprint logo, then i think the only thing you have to worry about is whether the phone has been severed (legally) from the previous owner. in otherwords, the previous owner (assuming you bought used) should have transferred his/her service from that phone to a new phone, or killed sprint service permanently. i believe you can easily contact sprint and have them check the phone to see if it is capable of being activated by you. good luck and regards.
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    thnx a bunch you are right i had it activated today...
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    All you have to do is quote the ESN number to Sprint to find out its status. This is the unique number attached to a CDMA handset. It is on the back of Treos in HEx and Decimal versions. When you sell a Sprint or Verizon phone, the new owner usually activates the phone afresh or does what is known as an ESN swap if they are moving service from their existing phone on the same network to the Treo. In other words, you say I have this ESN today and I want my service moved to this new ESN number.

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