I should look at my Sprint bill more often. The last one I looked at they charged me $5 for umlim PCS to PCS and refunded $4.75 (I have free unlim PCS to PCS with 2 year agreement). They charged me $3.00 for roaming calls to an operator (I thought calls to operators are free. I called to complain and they credited everything back. When asked why they said it was due to a "hickup" in the system. Well, if it's a hickup they have a serious problem!
$.25 here $1 there from millions of subscribers is a lot of money. Shouldn't this kind of "hickups" be called "fraud" instead?

Previous incidence I had was with their voice command. I tried it and found it not very useful so cancelled it. They kept offering it to me for free so I tried it a few more times to see if any improvements was made to it. There were no improvements so I cancelled each time. But they kept offering it. I went back to look at my bills and there were $5 charges per month on the all the "free" months of voice command. When confronted they said you only get it free one time. The next "free" offer is not free when the bill comes. That was pure deception. Pretty low IMO.