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    I have had it up to my ears with Asurion. Phone broke last friday (Sept 17) and still no phone coming from Asurion. Talking to their CS Reps is like talking to a recorder. "All I can tell you is that they are on back order and should be here is 3 to 5 days" They said that on Monday and they said that on Friday, as well as all the days in between.
    No PDA for the week and it looks like next week also.
    Will I get a refurbished phone?
    One that wouldn't work for someone else?
    After reading the 100's of posts about the problems with Asurion, I am afraid that my happy Treo days are over.
    My plan is to dump Asurion after I get a replacement. I have paid them $4 per week for six or eight years and then I get treated like this?
    If you want to read about how Asurion will treat you go to Asurion insurance scam. - The Jason Calacanis Weblog ... - .... Verizon and Asurion insurance scam. ...(
    In the defence of Verizon they have been helpfull and offered to send me a loaner but what I need is the info and the PDA dutifully saved on my PC waiting to be sync'd to a new Treo.

    I would whole heartedly suggest that if you have asurion as your insurance carrier through you wireless provider, dump Asurion and put the $5 in a cookie jar.
    You might possibily be out a couple bucks, but there are plenty of oportunities also. Up grade to a better model, not being stuck with a refurbished model and have constant problems like on the above web site, possibility of coming out money ahead like I would have seventy or eighty months at $5.
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