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    Verizon's data plans are high. Aside from superior coverage (although I live in NYC, my area is poorly covered by other carriers), aren't their prices justified by higher connection speed? How is the speed compared to Sprint, T-M, ATT, etc? Is it noticeable?

    I remember seeing that it is already faster than desktop dial up. Today, I read about VZ's expending their wireless BroadbandAccess service to 17 new markets including NYC starting 9/27/04. Speeds - between 500 and 2000 kbs, comparable with DSL/cable. I'm not sure if existing price plans would cover this service, though.
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    Connection speeds and throughput are similar between VZ and SPCS - some folks say it's exactly the same, some folks say that VZ seems "crisper" when browsing the web, etc.
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    I have verizon's NA access with a Sierra Wireless 555 card. It's is ok, but I doesn't always compare to desktop dialup, since the latency can slow it down. I also have a Treo 600 with T-mobile and unlimited T-zones. I would say verizon's NA network a tad bit faster than t-mobile's GPRS network. As far as the expanding EV-DO network, this is great news, but too bad we won't be able to take advantage of the higher speeds, since the treo 600 doesn't support EV-DO and the 650 most likely won't either. It is the same price though, $79.00 a month.( I don't know how much it will be for mobile phones EV-DO access) Since I only pay $4.99 a month for unlimited T-zones access, I can't justify the $45 a month for verizon's NA network. ( my job pays for the verizon aircard )
    This is one of the reasons why I switched to T-mobile.


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