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    A repost from mytreo - but just purchased a new treo 600 to replace my old setup (sanyo 8100 and tungsten t). Any tips/must haves? Thanks in advance and I look forward to learning as I comb through the archives.

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    Get a good size SD card and one of the backup software.
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    I'd suggest something like ProfeoLight control to dim the screen @ night, brighten it during the day to conserve some battery life. Also, there are quite a few apps that will turn off the screen during calls (a big help to battery life for sure). I use Phone Technician, TreoButler and CallFilter and there's no way I could use my Treo without them. CallFilter allows you to "filter" calls (who woulda guessed?) based on rules that you set. It also allows you to set mp3 ringtones for various callers if you have pockettunes installed. It's nice being able to direct certain callers straight to voicemail and having ringtones for individual callers and/or groups of callers. The new version even announces a number if you wish (I have mine set to do this for callers not in my phonebook). Zlauncher is a VERY nice launcher replacement... Check out Takephone for a "phone" app replacement. As you can see, there's not much you can't make your Treo do if you look hard enough for an app. I'm just waiting for "cookdinner.prc" and "cleanhouse.prc" and then I'd be the happiest person alive.

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