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    Hi. I will be going down to San Diego and I want to make sure I don't roam (because the Mexican CDMA towers are much stronger than the FCC-compliant VZW ones). I've heard of people being hit with exorbitant roaming charges this way. How do I suppress roaming? I looked in the Preferences app under Network but it's merely locked to Verizon. In the Phone App, the various preferences don't seem to show a way to control it.

    While exploring the phone preferences I see my phone is set to "Automatic B" (as opposed to "Home" or "Automatic A"). Since it works I don't want to mess with it, unless that is the roaming control.

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    That is the roaming control. Set it to home to keep your phone on Verizon's network.
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    Thanks! I'll change it when I travel.

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