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    I have two questions with PC MONITOR.

    1. When I receive a new e-mail in Outlook, it can take several minutes before it shows up on the wirelesssync website. Is there a way to immediately push new messages to the website? I assume messages must first land on the website before they are pushed to me Treo.

    2. Is there any way to add custom folders to the Treo e-mail client? I like to file my incoming mail into specific folders based on the subject line.
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    1] You are correct. They must hit the website before they push to the Treo. I am not aware of any way in which you can hurry this process. My personal experience is that the delay in push has decreased considerably over the last two weeks. But that's just my experience.

    2] Simply creating a new folder in your Outlook mailbox on your desktop will cause the Treo's Mail client to replicate the new folder. I just did it yesterday after I read your question, so I know it works.

    Good luck!
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    Yes, you can view your sent messages- They are in the "filed" folder, however you must enable this option. Go to your wireless sync icon on the main menu and open sync settings. You'll see the first check box, most likely unchecked next to mail (filed).
    Check this box and now you will be able to view your sent messages from within the email client in the filed folder.
    Wireless sync will be releasing a new client soon and will change the folder from filed to sent. Hope this helps.
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    hmmm so can you actually link 2 POP accounts to your Treo at once?
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    It's been a few months since the question about greyed-out push settings on the WS site has been mentioned, but I think I've stumbled upon an answer myself and thought I'd share.

    If not, or if someone else has already figured this out, my apologies. I didn't see a solution listed anywhere else.

    I've been wanting to keep my Treo 600 from syncing spam at 5:24 a.m. every morning so I can sleep at least a little longer. Sure enough, nearly every morning, I get an alarm chime letting me know that I have emails about porn and hair loss. Since I use my Treo as my home phone, I want it on overnight in case someone needs to call me in an emergency.

    Long story short, I think the WS site settings are greyed out because those settings have to be selected on the phone. Here's how: Go to "All" in the applications screen and open the Wireless Sync app. Then hit menu and "Push/ReadySync settings" under "Setup." This brings up a series of options, and "enable push" should already be checked. This gives you the option to choose your push-enabled hours down to the minute.

    For those who asked about not syncing contacts, to-do list, etc., select "Sync Settings" under Settings on the menu. You can de-select those options from the list that will appear to sync only email.

    Hope this helps someone. I've been looking for a way to sleep in for awhile now.

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