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    Just got my Treo through Verizon, loving it. If I have not signed up for the $45 data usage will I automatically have minutes deducted from my plan instead of acrue additional charges for my VERY limited web usage? The salesman did not have a clue.
    I used to plug my cell phone (as the modem) into the PDA and I would only use minutes, is that the case with the Treo?
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    $15 Unlimited Internet

    Sprint Vision > All
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    Quote Originally Posted by Un4given
    $15 Unlimited Internet

    Sprint Vision > All
    Dude, stay over on that side of the HRBT.....m-kay? I did not once see this new guy ask about Sprint. Take your Sprint phone to Key West and then tell me your sob story! LOL!!

    This is covered many places. You CAN use MOU (minutes of Use) and they either won't know...or won't tell you. They are supposed to sell you a data plan. VERY limited access should be OK with just using minutes....that is what I do, and that is what I have done for years. What do you need access for? E-mail? Surfing? It can all be done with MUST pay close attention to your connection. It DOES NOT automatically disconnect, so you could go on with your day and end up with thousands of peak minutes!

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