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    I have a Treo 600 and im on the Verizon Network, im looking to be able to have my phone connected to AIM 24/7 to be accessible to my clients.. Do I need a data plan or would the VZW Mobile Web be sufficient?

    What exactly does the VZW Mobile Web provide?? I have read the description on VZW's website but it seems like it is leaving some stuff out..

    Any input is greatly appreciated

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    "Mobile Web" is that crappy little text WAP service that normal cellphones have. You don't want nor need "mobile web" since your treo has a true HTML web browser that can come right off your minutes instead without having to waste $5 a month on a service you can't use. Make sure you get NA-MOU, which is default on all new accounts and gives you full network access, essentially for free. (Beware that the gray stand-by arrows are tallying up minutes too!) Or for $45, you can get unlimited internet access that doesn't charge against your minutes.
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    How can I get NA-MOU restored? I had no problems accessing the Express Network on Verizon until a couple of weeks ago. A service rep claims they changed to the NationalAccess service plan around the middle of August. I can't login anymore with after dialing #777

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