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    I am looking for a little clarification.

    I noticed on the P1 website to check if I need the Treo 600 Updater? If your software version number is lower than 1.12, this software update is for you. I checked on my Verizon phone and my version was 1.03.

    When I went to get an update they stated that no update was required. Anyone have more info on this??
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    Your Verizon phone is CDMA. The Treo 600 updater you're referring to is for the GSM version.
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    First let me come clean about my ignorance. I do not know much of the technology that is involved with the Treo. I am happy to have my cell and palm together.

    First, why I am asking about the updater. I have been attempting to figure out why I am getting an echo on my THB car kit. I have installed the new update but it still is giving me echo. I love the kit but hate the echo. I am hoping that the issue is with the update.

    Is the last post telling me that I have the most updated version??

    Thanks for the help

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